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The Canadian authorities are ready to leave the military in Kabul after August 31

The Canadian authorities are ready to leave their troops in Kabul after August 31. This was stated by the country's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as reports by Reuters.

He added that the leaders of the G7 countries are ready to save as many Afghans as possible who want to leave their country. In particular, Canada is ready to host 20,000 Afghan citizens from vulnerable groups of the population.

Currently, Canadian special forces are located in the area of Kabul International Airport.

The United States and other NATO countries must complete the evacuation of all their citizens who are in Afghanistan by August 31. At the same time, American President Joe Biden said that he was discussing the issue of extending the terms.

Representatives of the terrorist movement “Taliban” said that the US authorities did not apply for an extension of the deadline, and threatened Washington with a military response in case of an untimely withdrawal of troops. The Taliban demand that the international community withdraw all foreign troops from the territory of Afghanistan by August 31.

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