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British McDonald's eateries have run out of milkshakes

Milkshakes and bottled drinks have disappeared from sale in Mcdonald's eateries in the UK. This is reported by The Daily Mail.

It is noted that serving milk cocktails and bottled drinks were stopped at all 1,250 points of the chain in the UK, while employees assure that “they are doing everything possible to return them to the menu as soon as possible.”

As a representative of Mcdonald's explained to the Independent newspaper, the lack of drinks is due to “some problems in the supply chain.” There are not enough drivers in the UK who deliver goods to retail outlets.

“Industry experts say that the shortage of drivers is the result of Brexit and the pandemic,” the Daily Mail reports.

The Beefeater pub chain has faced similar problems — due to supply disruptions, there is a shortage of chicken meat and bottled beer. It is also reported that Subway eateries in London and Norfolk posted ads about the absence of some ingredients for sandwiches, but this information has not been officially confirmed.

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