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China pointed out the bad reputation of U.S. intelligence

The U.S. authorities initially politicized the issue of combating the pandemic coronavirus, for which the American people paid a high price. A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Wenbin stated this.

The diplomat recalled that the U.S. remains the country with the highest number of deaths from complications of coronavirus infection. According to him, Washington continues to pursue a hidden political goal while fighting COVID-19 and figuring out the origin of the disease. Wenbin noted that this U.S. stance complicates international cooperation in these areas.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman pointed to the bad reputation of U.S. intelligence. According to him, investigations conducted by U.S. intelligence agencies will never be based on facts and truth. “We recommend that the U.S., in the interest of the lives and health of its own people and the peoples of the world, stop political manipulation and return as soon as possible to the path of scientific investigation into the origin of COVID-19,” he concluded, insisting that Washington must stop politicizing the topic of the origin of the coronavirus.

On August 23, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki announced that U.S. experts will finish the report on the origin of the coronavirus within 24 hours. It is assumed that the report will confirm or, on the contrary, deny the version about the artificial origin of the infection.

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