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A way to speed up an old iPhone has been named

Some Apple smartphones start working faster if you change their region settings. This is reported by the publication GizChina.

Users of social networks have noticed that when you change the region in the iPhone to France, the performance of the device increases. Journalists attribute this to the fact that Apple is not slowing down the smartphones of French consumers due to the fact that local authorities fined the company 25 million euros in 2020.

The performance slowdown option is activated in Apple phones when the battery reaches a certain level of wear and tear. A few years ago, representatives of the company explained that in this way the battery life of older smartphones is saved. However, the devices of French users are not subject to this rule. In this regard, changing the region to France on the iPhone is actually a working way to speed up the device.

Enthusiasts have tested this method using synthetic tests. In the case of the iPhone 12 Pro, there was no increase in performance when changing the region — this is due to the fact that the smartphone has a new battery. However, when testing the iPhone 7 in the GeekBench 5 benchmark test showed different results — 286 thousand and 298 thousand points. Thus, the regional settings update increased the performance of the smartphone released in 2016 by nine percent.

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