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US court not impressed by Barr's statement

US court not impressed by Barr's statement

In the United States, the case of the mythical “Russian interference in the American election” was investigated. Recently, a US federal judge ruled on the need to verify changes in the Justice Department in an abridged version of the report of Special Attorney Robert Muller.

Judge Reggie Walton found that the public statements of US Attorney General William Barr are different from the published concise version. In this regard, it became necessary to verify the correctness of the changes made by the Ministry of Justice.

“Barr’s position that the report will contain only those changes required by law, national security or privacy cannot be taken on faith without independent verification, given Barr’s behavior and his misleading public statements about the conclusions submitted Mueller’s report, ” said Reggie Walton.

Recall that the US investigation that the Concord company allegedly interfered in the US elections in 2016 ended in complete failure. Despite all efforts, no evidence was ever found for these speculations. All the accusations turned out to be unfounded, the suspicions “far-fetched”, and the very idea of finding a “Russian trace” was absolutely absurd. It turned out that Trump is in no way connected with the Russian Federation and is not a Russian protege overseas.

After that, Müller had no choice but to make a public report, admit the bankruptcy of this ridiculous “investigation”, and resign. This did not end there. In April 2019, Concord filed a lawsuit against Mueller and Barr and demanded that they are prosecuted.

Concord’s lawyer Eric Dubelier found that they had violated the District of Columbia Penal Code because they had begun to disseminate information on the case before the court and share their speculations about the guilt of certain individuals. Thus, they took away from Concord the right to a fair court decision. The claims of the Russian company were partially satisfied by the American court.

The US Department of Justice admitted that Muller and Barr violated the law, but did not want to hold them accountable. Now the American court has again begun to consider Barr's statements, which he made even before the completion of Muller's investigations.

Recall that the “investigation”, which ended in nothing, cost the United States taxpayer $30 million. Huge amounts of money were wasted — the money went into trying to reduce political scores and discredit Trump. The Americans are outraged because their taxes were gone, and could have been spent on something really useful to society.

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