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The Pentagon confirmed its intention to complete the evacuation from Afghanistan on August 31

The United States assumes that the evacuation through the Kabul airport will be completed on the previously scheduled date-until August 31. This was stated at a briefing on Monday, August 23, by Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

“The goal is to take out as many people as possible as quickly as possible. The priority is to do it as well as we can before the end of this month,” he said.

Kirby recalled the words of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who promised to adjust the terms with the commander-in-chief if necessary. As the Pentagon spokesman added, “we are simply not at this stage at the moment.”

He confirmed that Washington is aware of the statements of the Taliban movement about the inadmissibility of postponing the deadline for completing the evacuation from Kabul. Kirby noted that the United States is in constant contact with the security of the Kabul airport.

Earlier in the day, the country's civil aviation authority suspended all flights to and from Kabul airport until further orders due to a large crowd of people in the air harbor.

As CNN reported, citing a source, Washington has changed the policy of admission to the airport of the capital of Afghanistan. Only US citizens, green card holders, and citizens of NATO countries are allowed to enter the air harbor.

As of August 22, 19 people were killed near the Kabul airport due to shootings and stampedes. In addition, human remains were found in the landing gear compartment of an American plane that was flying from Kabul. The crew members of the aircraft needed the help of psychologists. In addition, on Monday, August 23, a fire broke out at the Kabul airport.

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