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Biden named a condition for sanctions against the Taliban

US President Joe Biden said during a press conference that the decision to impose sanctions against the Taliban terrorist movement would depend on the behavior of its members. The president's words were quoted by the press service of the White House on August 23.

Asked whether he supports sanctions against the Taliban under certain conditions, which Britain is particularly pushing, the American president said: “Yes. It depends on [their] behavior.”

He stressed that the Taliban had not yet taken action against U.S. forces, and had “so far generally kept” their promises not to obstruct American access to Kabul airport to evacuate people.

Biden was asked, among other things, whether he now trusts the Taliban, to which the head of state replied, “I don't trust anybody, including you. I love you, but, you know, there aren't many people I trust.”

Speaking of the decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan, which led to the Taliban takeover, Biden said it was the right one.

“That idea, I think, will go down in history as a logical, rational, and right decision. My job is to make decisions that no one else would or would want to make. I have made them, and I am convinced that I am absolutely right,” he noted.

The American president emphasized that there is “no basis for this war anymore”.

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