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Elizabeth Warren dropped out of US presidential race

Elizabeth Warren dropped out of US presidential race

Elizabeth Warren announced her withdrawal from the US presidential race. It is reported by CNN on Thursday, March 5.

Warren, Massachusetts Senator, has focused her campaign on a promise to eradicate corruption and lobbying in Washington. However, in the “Super Tuesday” she did not win even in her native state of Massachusetts, taking third place after former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Note that now the Democrats in the United States froze in anticipation of Warren's decision: she must declare which of the remaining candidates she will support.

“I need some space to think about it. I want a little time to think a little longer,” said Warren.

Recall that earlier, Michael Bloomberg left the presidential campaign. The businessman spent more than half a billion dollars on his campaign. Now he decided to retire and supported the candidacy of Joe Biden.

Before him, Democrat Buttigieg left the US election race. Earlier, the politician won an impressive victory at the primaries in Iowa, but in South Carolina, he suffered a “crushing defeat”.

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