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Hurricane Grace in Mexico killed eight people

Hurricane Grace struck Mexico with heavy rains, which led to severe flooding and heavy rains, which killed at least eight people. This was reported by Reuters.

The state government said eight people were killed, including six from the same family. Six people died in the state capital of Xalapa, including a young girl. She was killed in a landslide that struck her home.

Local television showed severe flooding in Halapa, with coffins of local businesses floating down a waterlogged street. The nearby Aktopan River burst its banks, blocking a local thoroughfare.

The hurricane smashed windows in homes, felled trees, power cables, and telegraph poles, and flooded cars.

Mexico City International Airport said some flights were canceled because of the hurricane. The National Electricity Company of the Comision Federal Ejecutidades (CFE) reported that 565,000 power users were affected by the blackout.

Tropical Hurricane Grace intensified on Saturday to a Category 3 (Saffir-Simpson Scale) as it entered the east coast of Mexico.

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