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Trump called the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan the greatest mistake

Former U.S. President Donald Trump said Friday, August 20, that current U.S. President Joe Biden's decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan was “the greatest strategic mistake.”

“There was no withdrawal in Afghanistan under Biden, it was a surrender. Will he apologize for the greatest tactical mistake in history by withdrawing the military before the civilians?” — Breitbart News correspondent Charlie Spearing quotes him on Twitter.

On August 18, Trump said about 40,000 Americans about to leave Afghanistan could be held hostage by the Taliban. He also said that he considered the operation to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan to be the biggest humiliation for the United States. He says the withdrawal itself is remarkable but emphasizes that “no one has ever done the troop withdrawal process worse than Joe Biden.

A day earlier, it was reported that U.S. authorities had evacuated about 1,100 of their citizens, holders of U.S. residency permits as well as their family members, from Afghanistan.

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