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Taliban ask UN to continue humanitarian work in Afghanistan

The Taliban has asked the United Nations (UN) to continue its work in Afghanistan, assuring its office in Kabul of its support.

The U.N. humanitarian coordinator in Afghanistan, Ramiz Alakbarov, said her office has been in contact with the Taliban leadership for 18 years and has cooperated with it in providing humanitarian aid to the republic.

He explained that in the current situation there will be some refinements in the process of interaction, but in recent days no new agreements between the two sides have been adopted. In particular, it is planned to work out the issues of women's participation in the activities of the organization, so that they have unimpeded access to the workplaces, including humanitarian missions.

Alakbarov said that the need for this amendment is explained by the fact that in some parts of the country the problem is more acute than in others. At the same time, much depends on the decisions of Taliban field commanders, who have no “centralized instructions” and can act at their own discretion.

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan as a result of an active offensive that began in the spring of this year against the background of the gradual withdrawal of foreign troops from the country. In a few months, the fighters occupied about two-thirds of the state's territory, border areas and surrounded most provincial centers, which were subsequently seized in less than two weeks, in many cases virtually without a fight.

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