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Federal judge partially blocked Biden's immigration program

A U.S. federal court has blocked a number of migration decisions by Joe Biden's administration. We are talking about decrees that restricted the deportation of migrants.

U.S. District Court Judge Drew Tipton, appointed by Donald Trump, ruled that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) leadership violated federal law when it ordered agents to focus on refugees with criminal records and require supervisors to authorize their detention. Texas and Louisiana have since filed a protest explaining that it restricts the deportation of migrants and the order should be rescinded. A federal court granted their request.

In its ruling, Tipton argues that ICE agents cannot be required to give priority to certain groups of people.

“The government instructed federal officials so that the instruction 'shall detain' certain aliens meant 'may detain.' The court wonders whether the executive branch can instruct officials to execute an executive order that contradicts the plain language of the law. There's a clear answer: it can't,” the judge said.

In February, Tipton blocked President Biden's executive order for a 100-day “pause” on deporting migrants.

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