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Nicole Kidman caught in a scandal in Hong Kong

Famous actress Nicole Kidman authorities in Hong Kong released her from a place of self-isolation to allow her to star in the series.

The famous Hollywood actress of Australian origin Nicole Kidman has been caught in a scandal in Hong Kong. Thus, the authorities allowed her to leave the place of self-isolation, so she could star on the TV series. This has made local residents very angry.

This is reported by Reuters.

Note that, according to the rules of Hong Kong, people who come from abroad should stay in self-isolation for seven days to three weeks. Self-isolation takes place in special quarantine hotels.

Kidman, however, was able to avoid this, which made many residents angry. Because of the quarantine, many people in Hong Kong can not move from one region to another, and therefore do not see their relatives for a long time.

The actress herself did not comment on the scandal.

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