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Prince Harry played polo for the first time since he left England

Prince Harry came out for the first time after the birth of his daughter. He took part in a charity polo match — just like the good old days in his native England. The match was held in Aspen, Colorado. The funds received from the sale of tickets were transferred to the Sentebale charitable foundation-Harry created in 2006 to help African children and adolescents infected with HIV.

Before starting the game, Harry said that he had already spent $1.5 million of his $20 million fees, which he received for the upcoming memoirs, on charity. According to Western media, Harry signed a contract for four books, and he agreed to the publication of the first part of the memoirs in 2022, provided that the second part will be published only after the death of Elizabeth II.

“No one knows what kind of bomb Harry has prepared, but judging by the terms of publication of the book, the explosion will be monstrous,” the insider said. These fears are not groundless: recently, the Duke of Sussex has been making increasingly harsh statements about life at court, giving rise to rumors of a cold war with members of the royal family. Harry himself claims that these rumors are groundless and there is no hostility between him and his relatives.

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