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The U.S. began work on hypersonic missiles «Dark Eagle»

The Pentagon began to develop new hypersonic missiles, which were named “Dark Eagle”. This is reported by the American edition of The National Interest.

The United States has high hopes for this ammunition, as it will be the first “representative” of a new generation of weapons. Journalists note that Washington hopes to introduce hypersonic missiles within a few years.

“Dark Eagle” is designed to attack strategic enemy positions, including headquarters, infrastructure, as well as military facilities in the central part of the country. It is planned that hypersonic missiles will allow the U.S. to close the gap in military progress from Russia and China.

The American designers say that the projectile will be able to fly a distance of 2.7 thousand kilometers. Thus, Washington hints at the possibility of strikes on China, if China decides to attack Taiwan, the article says.

The Pentagon is confident that the project will be completed by 2023. The U.S. is investing all its energy and resources to accelerate the development of hypersonic weapons. This happens due to constant pressure from China and Russia, states the author of the publication.

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