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In the USA, because of the coronavirus, they greet each other with their elbows

In the USA, because of the coronavirus, they greet each other with their elbows

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The traditional handshake in the United States is postponed until better times. One of the governors offers to greet with the help of elbows.

A new way of greeting, instead of the usual shaking hands at a meeting, was proposed by the American Governor of Nebraska, Pete Ricketts. The politician insists on greeting each other with his elbows for the period of the epidemic of coronavirus infection, writes CNN.

He demonstrated this method at a meeting with state residents who left the hospital after quarantine.

“I am honored to welcome guests leaving the quarantine department. World-class healthcare providers in Nebraska continue to increase their efforts to help protect Americans and maintain people's health,” said Pete Ricketts.

Earlier it was reported that Angela Merkel refused to shake hands because of the coronavirus.

We also wrote that Elizabeth II presented awards with gloves.

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People are finding alternative ways to greet each other at a time when direct contact is being frowned upon. In South Korea, residents are opting for fist bumps and deep bows. French officials are recommending that people refrain from the traditional "la bise" greeting, or kissing on both cheeks. Instead, some people are tapping elbows or shaking feet instead of hands.

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