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The US highly appreciated the latest Russian Su-35S aircraft

According to an expert from The National Interest, this model is a fighter of aviation superiority of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The American online magazine The National Interest praised the latest SU-35S aircraft model — according to its experts, this is one of the best copies in the service of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

If fifth-generation fighters SU-57 are considered as a future replacement for old models, then the SU-35S continues to occupy the highest echelons of the Russian aerospace design as a fighter of aviation superiority of the aerospace forces, the newspaper notes.

— With the exception of the Su-57, the Su-35S is one of the most advanced Russian military aircraft.<...> As a deep modernization of the powerful Soviet Su-27, the Su-35S boasts updated avionics (on-board electronics), a new lightweight frame, the possibility of 3D vector traction and a significantly expanded range of weapons, the article says.

The aircraft successfully proved themselves during the military operations in Syria, their pilots hone their skills in the fight against terrorists.

The author pays special attention to Caliber cruise missiles and Pennant R-77 air-to-air missiles, which have become excellent competitors to the American AIM-120 AMRAAM.

Today, aviation continues to be a key military component in ensuring compliance with Russian “de-escalation zones” in western Syria and in periodic bombardments against opposition and ISIS targets, the article emphasizes.

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