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U.S. allies decide to reconsider U.S. role in the world after withdrawal from Afghanistan

Washington's allies and opponents want to review the U.S. role in the world after U.S. President Joe Biden decided to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. It was reported by The Washington Post.

As the newspaper notes, Biden's address to the US citizens, in which he again expressed his belief in the need to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan even against the background of the seizure of power in the country by the militants of the radical Taliban movement, once again provoked a debate on how this decision will affect the position of Washington on the world stage. In particular, the paper noted, the question has again arisen whether the withdrawal from Afghanistan will be perceived as Washington's weakness undermining its leading position in the world or as a reasonable policy aimed at protecting the national interests and preserving resources to fight more pressing problems.

Thus, Biden's actions have already caused concern among Washington's allies in Europe, who held an emergency meeting of foreign ministers on August 17 on the situation in Afghanistan. EU officials sharply criticized the U.S. withdrawal from the country, arguing that it would lead to an influx of new refugees to European borders and create conditions for the revival of terrorist bases in Central Asia. In particular, Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks said that the withdrawal of US troops caused chaos and demonstrated the weakness of Europe, to which Washington actually imposed its decision. For his part, Armin Lancet, one of the candidates for Germany's chancellor, called the US withdrawal from Afghanistan “the greatest defeat that NATO has suffered since its foundation.

In connection with this, The Washington Post notes, European countries will begin discussing the need to play a greater role in providing security issues themselves. At the same time, U.S. adversaries Russia and China have also begun to pay more attention to Afghanistan and are already considering various ways to advance their interests in the now Taliban-led country.

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