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The U.S. blocked Taliban access to $9.5 billion worth of assets in Afghanistan

The United States has frozen almost $9.5 billion in assets belonging to Afghanistan's central bank and stopped the supply of cash to the country in order to prevent the Taliban-led government from accessing the funds.

This was reported by Al Jazeera.

A U.S. administration official said that any central bank assets held by the Afghan government in the U.S. would not be available to the Taliban, who remain on the Treasury Department's sanctions list.

Ajmal Ahmadi, acting chairman of the Afghan central bank, wrote on Twitter that he learned Friday that cash receipts would also stop. Ahmadi also said he had left the country, but did not say where exactly.

Afghanistan's central bank has $9.5 billion in assets, much of it in accounts with the New York Federal Reserve and financial institutions with the United States.

U.S. sanctions against the Taliban mean they have no access to any funds. According to two people familiar with the matter, the vast majority of the central bank's assets are not in Afghanistan.

Earlier it became known that the German authorities have suspended aid for development assistance to Afghanistan. Of the 250 million euros provided in the German budget for this article, not a cent has been paid so far.

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