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Former U.S. Vice President Names Perpetrators of Taliban Victory in Afghanistan

Former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence named those responsible for the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan. In his opinion, the U.S. leader Joe Biden was responsible for the Taliban coming to power, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Pence recalled that in February 2020, the former United States administration, led by Donald Trump, signed an agreement with the Taliban. It contained a demand to stop any attacks on the U.S. contingent, not to provide refuge to terrorists, and to negotiate with the official Afghan authorities to establish a new government.

The former vice president stressed that this agreement brought stability to the Islamic republic, which had not been there for years. After Biden took the presidency, he said U.S. troops would remain in Afghanistan for four more months, even though there was no objective reason to do so.

“When Biden blew the deal, the Taliban launched a massive offensive against the Afghan government and occupied Kabul. They knew they were in little danger under the current president. Weakness breeds evil and the scale of evil that we see now in Afghanistan speaks volumes about Biden's weakness,” concluded Pence.

Earlier, it was reported that the approval rating of U.S. President Joe Biden has fallen to its lowest point since his inauguration after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. Biden's popularity plummeted when the Taliban took over Kabul after two decades of U.S. military presence in Afghanistan and trillions of taxpayer dollars invested there.

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