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The U.S. and Britain agree to hold a virtual G7 summit on Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have agreed to hold a virtual G7 summit to discuss an approach to the situation in Afghanistan. It was announced by the White House.

Johnson and Biden held telephone conversations the day before.

“They praised the bravery and professionalism of their military and civilian personnel who are working shoulder-to-shoulder in Kabul to evacuate their citizens and citizens of Afghanistan who have been involved in hostilities,” the White House said in a statement.

The two sides also discussed the need for continued close coordination among allies for Afghanistan in the future, including opportunities to provide aid and support to refugees.

On August 15, the radical Taliban announced that it had taken control of all of Afghanistan. Its representatives took control of state television in Kabul, in an appeal to citizens to calm down. In Kabul, thousands of people took refuge at the airport, trying to get out of the country. Several people died — due to crushing or trying to fly away on the landing gear of U.S. Air Force planes.

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