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Pharmacist faces more than a hundred years in prison for selling vaccination certificates

Tangtang Zhao, 34, a pharmacist from the U.S. state of Illinois, was arrested Tuesday on charges of selling more than 100 authentic Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 vaccination cards to buyers on e-Bay who had never been vaccinated.

According to CDC requirements, the company where Langtang Zhao worked was only allowed to issue one vaccination card to each recipient who had been vaccinated. Zhao is accused of stealing some of the state-issued vaccination cards and selling up to 125 of them online for about $10 a piece.

According to the prosecution, Zhao sold them to 11 different customers, making a profit of more than $1,200. Zhao is charged with 12 counts of theft of government property, which is a federal crime. If convicted, he could be sentenced to 10 years in prison for each count, and therefore more than a hundred years in prison, Patch specifies.

The registered pharmacist from Chicago worked for a national network that distributed vaccines throughout the United States.

"Consciously selling COVID vaccination cards to unvaccinated people puts millions of Americans at risk of serious illness or death," said Emmerson Bouillet, Jr. special agent for the FBI Chicago office. What the pharmacist did, he said, was an aggravated federal crime.

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