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Smartphone shipments fail around the world due to coronavirus

The delivery time of gadgets to sellers in some cases has increased three times

Smartphone shipments fail around the world due to coronavirus

Computer and smartphone inflows to stores around the world are delayed by the outbreak of coronavirus, which has led to disruptions in the supply chain of electronic goods from China. At the same time, experts warn that some companies underestimate the consequences of these failures.

According to the Financial Times, a number of electronics retailers will learn from manufacturers that delivering gadgets and components can take up to three times as long as it did before the virus spread.

“For one sales partner in Australia, major manufacturers were notified that deliveries could take up to 14 weeks instead of the usual four weeks,” said Canalys research firm Sharon Hiu, an Asia Pacific sales and distribution channel analyst.

Industry experts point out that only those brands that have the ability to pay in advance and work closely with component suppliers, such as Apple or Samsung, will be able to provide sufficient production capacity in the face of supply problems.

“Some companies selling products to manufacturers have been told to wait about 10 weeks. Others are not even able to find out the approximate arrival times for the goods,” Hiu added.

Suketu Gandhi, a partner at A. T. Kearney, an international consulting company, added that smartphones, headsets, and computers are particularly vulnerable to supply chain disruptions, partly because retailers are trying to keep many of these items in stock due to the constant updating of models.

According to Hiu, the delivery time for Dell computers in Australia has increased from three to five weeks to 10 weeks, and some stores have run out of laptop and desktop computers from the HP Elite family. And IPC, which unites electronics companies around the world, said last week that suppliers advised members to prepare for delivery delays by an average of three weeks.

Apple warned investors that its revenue in the second fiscal quarter would not reach the previously announced values due to an outbreak of coronavirus. The company also noted a decrease in demand for its products in China due to the fact that the country's retail stores of Apple and its partners remain closed or operate on a reduced schedule, and their attendance has fallen significantly.

Recall that most of the deaths caused by coronavirus diseases were recorded in the province of Hubei in China itself. After him, in the sad statistics of Italy, in which the virus killed 79 people. And in total, more than 93 thousand people in 79 countries have already become infected in the world.

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