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Taliban leaders gave their first press conference

In Kabul, the leaders of the Taliban movement held their first press conference, at which they promised not to attack anyone and guaranteed the rights of women

Leaders of the Islamist Taliban movement who seized power in Afghanistan on August 15 held their first news conference. They assured that they do not intend to attack other countries and intend to eliminate drug production.

This was reported by Reuters.

The Taliban stated:

— Afghanistan will stop producing drugs;
— is not going to attack other countries from the territory of Afghanistan;
— is not going to prosecute those who have cooperated with the United States and other Western countries;
— diplomatic offices of all countries and international organizations in Afghanistan will be safe;
— pledge to respect all religious beliefs and spiritual values;
— allow justified criticism of their actions in the media;
— intend to invite representatives of various forces to join the new government.

Women's rights

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said there will be “no violence against women” in Afghanistan, but they must respect the movement's “core values.”

“There will be no violence against women, no discrimination against women under Islamic law. Our sisters and mothers — as stated in Sharia law, which is our value — are an important part of society,” Mujahid said. However, he did not go into detail.

Women do not believe this and, according to reports on social media, are holding lone actions to fight for their rights.

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