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Taliban suspended all flights from Kabul airport

Representatives of the radical Taliban movement announced that all flights from the airport in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, have been temporarily suspended. This is reported by the TV channel Sky News Arabia.

The Taliban fighters approached the international airport of Kabul named after Hamid Karzai. In order to disperse a crowd of Afghans who had gathered expecting to evacuate the country, members of the terrorist movement opened warning fire into the air. Shots can still be heard near the airport.

After radical Taliban fighters seized control of Afghanistan, hundreds of Afghans headed to Kabul International Airport to flee the country. Video footage from the scene shows people bursting into the airfield building and filling it in for dozens of seconds, followed by a crush at the entrances.

Earlier, videos of local citizens trying to leave Afghanistan appeared on the network. One of them showed a US plane trying to take off from Kabul. As it moved along the runway, the board was surrounded by Afghans, some of them tying themselves to the outside of the plane or grabbing the landing gear. Other footage shows citizens not being held back and falling as the planes gain altitude.

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