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Taliban have obliged the US to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by September 11

After seizing control of Afghanistan, the militants of the radical terrorist movement Taliban obliged Washington to withdraw its troops from the country by September 11. The chairman of the movement, Suhail Shahin, was quoted by Sky News as saying this.

Shahin also said that the U.S. must comply with the earlier announced deadline for the withdrawal of their military contingent. He emphasized that the Taliban would not attack the U.S. military on the territory of Afghanistan. According to him, members of the movement did not attack the U.S. forces.

Earlier Joe Biden said that the US army had fulfilled its mission in Afghanistan. He recalled that the purpose of the American troops' operation was to prevent terrorist acts on the territory of the United States. The politician added that he did not regret the withdrawal of soldiers from Afghanistan, as their further stay in the country would have threatened them with heavy losses.

The official withdrawal of the U.S. and NATO troops from the Afghan territories began on May 1. After that the Taliban forces became more active in the country and on August 15, they occupied the whole territory of Afghanistan.

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