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U.S. told when third COVID-19 vaccination is planned

The U.S. presidential administration has decided that most Americans will need a third, booster vaccination against the coronavirus. The term is eight months after the second dose of the vaccine and the completion of the primary immunization campaign in general.

It is noted that the country intends to start revaccination as early as mid-September. It writes the New York Times, citing two White House officials familiar with the plans of the authorities.

By this decision, according to them, they want to warn Americans who have already received vaccines from Pfizer&BioNTech or Moderna that they need additional protection against variant COVID-19 Delta. As of today, it is causing a dramatic increase in cases in much of the country. But the rules for additional vaccinations will depend on FDA approval.

The U.S. doesn't rule out that recipients of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which has been approved as a single dose, will also need additional vaccination. But they are waiting for the results of that company's two-dose clinical trial, which is due in late August.

The first boosters are expected to likely be given to nursing home residents, medical and critical service workers. They will likely be followed by at-risk seniors and then the rest of the population. Officials assume the vaccine for the third injection will be the same as the first two.

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