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The United States and France will coordinate because of the coronavirus

The United States and France will coordinate because of the coronavirus

Macron and Trump agreed to coordinate because of the coronavirus...

Countries will harmonize “scientific, medical and economic” efforts to better fight SOVID-19.

France and the United States will coordinate action because of coronavirus. Presidents Emmanuelle Macron and Donald Trump agreed on this, Macron said on Twitter on Wednesday, March 4.

The French President said he had an excellent discussion with Donald Trump.

“In order to better fight against SOVID-19, we are ready to coordinate our scientific, medical and economic responses within the framework of the U.S. chairmanship of the G7,” Macron wrote.

Recall that earlier scientists reported a coronavirus mutation. Coronavirus has developed into two subtypes — type S and type L, the scientists say. One is more infectious than the other, and it's more common.

It was also reported that the World Bank will soon allocate $12 billion to fight against coronavirus.

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