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Afghan president may try to fly to the US

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who fled Kabul, may try to fly to the United States. This was the assumption made on Monday by the Iranian Mehr News Agency.

The agency notes that Ghani's exact whereabouts are unknown at this time. On Sunday it was reported that he and his wife and two closest aides left for Tajikistan, but this was denied in Dushanbe. Later, the media reported that Ghani flew to Uzbekistan, from where he allegedly headed to Oman. On Sunday, Al Jazeera TV channel, citing the head of the state's security guard, reported that "Ghani, his wife, and the director of his national security officials left the country and arrived in the city of Tashkent.” However, there has been no official information from the Uzbek side to this date.

Mehr, therefore, believes that Ghani may still be in Oman and may try to fly to the United States from there. However, the agency stresses that there is no official information about the whereabouts of Ghani.

Ashraf Ghani said that in connection with the current situation, he resigned in order to avoid bloodshed, and left Afghanistan when the Taliban fighters, entered Kabul on Sunday without a fight and began to occupy the government forces left government institutions. Later, the Taliban announced that they had taken control of all the districts of the Afghan capital.

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