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Cryptocurrency theft: hackers recovered almost the entire stolen amount

The robbers turned out to be “white hackers” whose goal was to discover vulnerabilities in the platform's system.

Hackers recovered nearly all the $600 million in stolen cryptocurrency from token exchange platform Poly Network. Of the entire stolen amount, only $33 million remained to be returned, frozen back at the beginning of the week by cryptocurrency exchange Tether. This was reported by Reuters.

It is noted that the robbers turned out to be “white hackers,” whose goal was to discover vulnerabilities in the platform's system.

One of them responded to the platform's social media offer to contact and discuss ways to solve the problem and said he wasn't interested in the money.

According to the hacker, it only took him one night to find a vulnerability in the platform's smart contracts. Programmers of blockchains such as Ethereum and Poly Network write the smart contracts through which cryptocurrency transactions take place, and there is always the possibility that they will make a mistake in the code.

The hacker said that after discovering the vulnerability, he thought Poly Network would hide it, so he stole millions in the most popular cryptocurrencies to “cause panic in the crypto world.”

He stated that he disclaims responsibility for the incident and is willing to accept a $500,000 reward from Poly Network for the return of the tokens.

Recall that hackers carried out an attack on the Poly Network platform, committing the largest theft of cryptocurrency worth $610 million.

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