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A giant “stargate” was discovered in space

NASA's Chandra X-ray space observatory and orbiting observatory Swift received images of giant concentric rings, resembling a "stargate" around a black hole V404 Cygni, located 7,800 light-years from Earth. About it reports CNN.

The black hole is part of a binary system, and its companion is a star with about half the mass of the Sun. The Swift Space Observatory, launched in 2004, detected an X-ray burst from the binary system in June 2015. This burst actually created the rings seen in the X-ray images. This structure is an echo of X-rays reflected from cosmic dust clouds scattered across space between the V404 Cygni system and Earth.

The new image, released by NASA, combines the X-rays observed by Chandra with data on nearby stars collected in the optical light of the Pan-STARRS telescope in Hawaii. The diameter of the rings allows astronomers to determine the distances to the dust clouds that formed the light rings. The larger the ring, the closer the cloud is to Earth. By the brightness of the rings, scientists have determined the approximate composition of the dust clouds, which consist mainly of grains of graphite and silicate.

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