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Astronomers tell how to observe a star flash with the naked eye

The explosion of a star located at a distance of 4556 light-years from Earth can be observed with the naked eye, reports The Sun.

Astronomers have been observing the outburst of the double star RS Ophiucus, consisting of a white dwarf and a red giant, for the past week in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Scientists write that this is one of the brightest outbursts in recent memory.

The star belongs to the class of “repeated new” stars — astronomical objects that explode with a certain periodicity. Thus, RS Snakefish flares have already occurred in 1967, 1985, and 2006.

“RS Serpentine is a white dwarf with a red giant companion, and the latter drops stellar matter on the white dwarf. Every 20 years or so, enough mass accumulates that causes the surface of the white dwarf to explode,” reported Dr. Patrick Treithardt.

To see the star with the naked eye, one must look up to the constellation Serpentine in the clear sky. RS Ophiucus will slightly stand out for its brightness against the general background.

According to astronomers, the flare can be observed for several more days.

Earlier it was reported that scientists were able to capture the moment of a supernova explosion, the mass of which was dozens of times the mass of the Sun.

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