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The U.S. is launching the nation's largest network of unmanned electric minibusses

Colorado School of Mines students will be able to use unmanned electric shuttles as early as this school year

Colorado School of Mines in the United States has acquired an entire fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles that travel without drivers. The model is called the Mines Rover.

The electric shuttles will start running on the territory of the educational institution in the fall of 2021, reports CBS.

Local officials have praised the idea. Overall, Colorado hopes to use one million electric vehicles by 2030. That should reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Clean energy is not only the future, it's our present. It will be essential to economic recovery as well as a more sustainable transportation system,” said Colorado Lieutenant Governor Diane Primavera.

It's not just Colorado

The global push for carbon neutrality will result in two-thirds of all cars sold worldwide being electric cars by 2040, BloombergNEF analysts estimated.

In their opinion, in the nearest 20 years, the sales of electric cars will grow 22 times — from 3 million in 2020 to 66 million in 2040. The popularity of “green” cars will grow most strongly in Europe and China.

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