From Twitter to Amazon: Who influences the minds of Americans

From Twitter to Amazon: Who influences the minds of Americans

On the eve of the presidential elections in the United States, The Verge portal decided to find out how Americans feel about companies from Silicon Valley. As it turned out, the U.S. residents are extremely positive towards Amazon but do not like Facebook. At the same time, many respondents said that they will miss Mark Zuckerberg's social network if it suddenly disappears. What did the researchers learn about people's attitude towards IT brands?

The Verge portal conducted a survey on the eve of the presidential elections in the U.S. in 2020 to find out which technology companies Americans trust the least. As it turned out, the main “loser” in the eyes of the residents of the United States was not at all Facebook, which has not yet fully recovered from numerous scandals.

The most favorite brand among Americans was retail giant Amazon — it is trusted by 91% of respondents. Google and YouTube were in second and third places — 90% each.

Twitter received the smallest percentage of trust, with only 61% of positive reviews.

Meanwhile, Facebook, whose popularity has dropped dramatically after the Cambridge Analytics leak, is still trusted by 71% of Americans. The percentage of those who have a negative attitude towards Twitter is also higher than those who do not like Facebook — 39% vs. 29% respectively. Probably one of the reasons for such an attitude to Twitter among Americans is the President of the USA Donald Trump, who publishes several dozens of tweets a day.

In the ranking, which indicates which IT companies have the greatest impact on society, Google took first place — 72% of Americans believe that the services of this company somehow affect their daily lives. Amazon and Microsoft were second and third, respectively. Twitter was once again an outsider — only 32% of respondents believe in the ability of the Jack Dorsey platform to influence the minds of people.

As it turned out, respondents have little concern for the details of doing business in Silicon Valley, namely the fact that a large corporation owns a number of popular services.

Thus, 53% of Americans do not know that video hosting YouTube belongs to Google.

62% and 71% respectively are not aware that Facebook is owned by Instagram and WhatsApp. 88% of respondents do not know that the Twitch platform was purchased by Amazon.

When asked which companies and their products disappeared from the market, 85% of respondents said “Google”. Americans will also be saddened if they suddenly don't have Amazon (81%) or YouTube (76%). Facebook, which has recently been scolded by everyone who is not lazy, has become a big part of everyday life for 55% of Americans who don't present their day without watching the news feed.

The least people in the U.S. will miss Twitter — only 33% of respondents will notice that without Ilon Mask's tweets there is a void in their lives.

Earlier it became known that Twitter recommends employees to move from home to work in order to reduce the risk of infection with a new type of coronavirus. This is stated in the official blog of the company.

Twitter employees in Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea will be transferred to remote work on a mandatory basis. It is stressed that employees from other countries will be able to come to the office, but the company is working on the ability to perform all actions remotely.

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