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US Congress won't get Trump's tax returns until November

The U.S. Treasury Department will not turn over former President Donald Trump's tax returns to the House of Representatives until at least November, despite the Justice Department's recent scathing statement that they must be turned over “promptly”. This was reported by CNN.

Trump's team opposed the release of his tax returns, arguing that Democrats in the House of Representatives harassed the former White House head for political reasons. Trump is asking a federal court to permanently bar the Treasury Department from turning over his tax returns and order Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal to “cease all ongoing audits” of the former White House head and his companies.

Objections by Trump's attorneys to the release of his returns to the U.S. Legislature are scheduled to be heard by the court on Nov. 8. No major rulings on the case are expected until then.

In March, representatives of the Democratic Party in the U.S. House of Representatives repeatedly asked the court to provide them with the tax returns of former White House leader Donald Trump. The Democrats' first attempt failed due to bureaucratic procedure — the new U.S. Congress began work in January 2021, so the information requested back in 2019 formally lost its recipients.

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