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Powerful typhoon Lupit hits Japan after Olympics | Natural Disasters

One person is missing as a result of typhoon Lupit, which struck Japan shortly after the Olympics. This was reported by the Japan Times newspaper, citing police data.

“A 46-year-old man from Masuda, Shimane Prefecture, went missing after he fell into the Takatsu River while trying to pull an overturned boat to shore,” the report said.

Lupit developed into an extratropical cyclone on Monday, according to the country's meteorological agency, cited by the publication. The weather service warned of downpours that would hit different parts of Japan. A bridge leading to Kansai Airport in Osaka Prefecture was closed to traffic due to forecast strong winds.

The day before in the Kanto metropolitan area, 30,000 residents of Tokyo and nearby prefectures to the Japanese capital were ordered to evacuate due to the approaching typhoon “Marine” to the city. The typhoon was moving toward the northeast at about 25 kilometers per hour.

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