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National Interest columnist thinks that the U.S. army is similar to France's military in the 1930s

The U.S. Army could suffer the same defeat as France's military during World War II, writes National Interest columnist John Rossomando.

“America has become what France was in 1940, a 'paper tiger' run by an unenlightened bureaucracy that lacks any strategy for decisively defeating the nation's external enemies,” the journalist says.

Describing the state of affairs in the modern U.S. military, the author notes “the military build-up of China,” which does not scare the United States and its allies. According to him, American generals are sticking to the tactics and strategy of the past century.

At the same time, according to the observer, U.S. corporate elites refuse to confront China because of their economic ties. Likewise, he stresses, elites in France acted between the two world wars, trying to “placate” Nazi Germany rather than confront it.

“The Chinese armed forces may not yet have been tested (by war), but they have the same ideological unity as the Germans and a home-field advantage that could lead the American armed forces to defeat,” the author stresses.

Earlier it was reported that the U.S. military is planning to conduct a technological race with Russia and China in the industry of unmanned ground vehicles.

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