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China says COVID-19 leaked from the U.S.

Chinese scientists say the United States is trying to smear their country to cover up its guilt

After the U.S. showed evidence of a coronavirus leak from a laboratory in Wuhan, China said the first cases of infection occurred in the U.S. even earlier, in December 2019.

The Chinese tabloid The Global Times, the English-language newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party's press organ, Renmin Jibao, writes about it. The media refers to data from The Palm Beach Post.

The American media wrote that in May Florida authorities allegedly deleted data on 171 patients. These were the first possible COVID-19 patients in the region. The authors write that they had their first symptoms as early as January 1, when it was thought that the disease was spreading only in China.

And China's The Global Times added that 26 people infected with the coronavirus were allegedly identified in Florida in January and December 2019, eight of whom did not travel or come into contact with other patients.

“To politicize the pandemic and smear China, the U.S. may have hidden the true situation of the early spread of the virus in the country,” said Yang Zhanqiu, a virologist at Wuhan University.

Note that China and the United States have long blamed each other for the origin of the coronavirus. Recently, however, the WHO, which is investigating the emergence of COVID, said it was too early to rule out the version that the virus had spread after a leak from a laboratory in China. China has since refused to continue its investigation with the WHO, accusing the organization of “political posturing.

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