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A Russian trawler caught fire in a port in Norway

At the moment, due to a change in the wind direction, the vessel has drifted further from the shore. There are 47 tons of diesel fuel onboard.

The Russian trawler Tamango caught fire in the port of Kirkenes (Norway). Extinguishing the fire was stopped due to explosions on board. This is reported by NRK.

It is noted that last night the fishing vessel was towed from the port and the citizens of Kirkenes were ordered to stay at home and close the windows because of the acrid smoke.

According to Per Bergmann, captain of the tugboat, as soon as the fishing boat was towed off the beach, an explosion was heard aboard the trawler.

“There was a significant explosion, debris scattered over a large distance around the boat. Therefore, the Norwegian services moved away from the boat to a distance of 300 to 400 meters,” said police spokesman Leo Johansen.

Now the boat is further away from the shore due to changes in wind direction. It has 47 tons of diesel fuel onboard.

“It is advisable to keep the vessel as close to land as possible because if it goes out into deeper waters, collecting the diesel fuel will be a big challenge,” Johansen said.

As previously reported, five merchant ships burned in an Iranian port.

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