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Florida breaks record for COVID-19 infections three times in a week

The state of Florida has set an anti-record for the third time in a week for the number of COVID-19 infections detected in a 24-hour period. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported this.

In the past 24 hours, 23.9 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were reported in Florida.

The first time the highest number of infections since the pandemic began was recorded here on July 31. Then on Aug. 5, authorities reported 22,800 cases.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, hospitalizations due to COVID-19 increased for the sixth day in a row. On Aug. 7, the state reported 13,700 people hospitalized because of the coronavirus. At least 2,753 patients were admitted to intensive care units (ICUs).

Many hospitals are reporting shortages of medical oxygen, ORIT beds, and equipment.

“All residents should get vaccinated as soon as possible and wear masks. If not for ourselves, at least for friends, family, and neighbors. For our children. For doctors and nurses. For Florida,” state Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Nikki Fryde said on her Twitter page.

About 49.3 percent of Florida's population received both doses of the vaccine. That puts the state just behind California (53.3%), New York (57.5%), and Pennsylvania (52.8%), but ahead of Illinois (48.9%) and Texas (43.3%). Meanwhile, the state has seen the steepest increase in infections in the entire country.

Many blame this situation on Florida Governor Ron Desantis, who has become the leader of Republicans opposed to coronavirus restrictions.

He has repeatedly opposed federally recommended quarantine measures. In May 2021, the governor lifted all restrictions, including the mask regime. Last week, Desantis threatened to cut off funding for schools that would impose mandatory masks.

“Florida Governor Desantis will not allow children to wear masks in schools...not even his own children. “I want to see my kids smiling!” Maybe he should visit a pediatric coronavirus ward full of kids who don't smile,” journalist Elizabeth Vargas wrote on her Twitter page.

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