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SpaceX has assembled the tallest Starship rocket in history

The American company SpaceX has assembled the tallest Starship rocket in history. The corresponding pictures are available on Twitter.

The length of the two-stage Starship, including Booster 4 (a prototype of the Super Heavy rocket stage) and Ship 20 (a prototype of the Starship spacecraft itself) reaches almost 120 meters.

The rocket was assembled at the SpaceX spaceport in Boca Chica (Texas).

Currently, Ship 20 is removed from Booster 4. SpaceX plans to conduct separate tests of these stages, after which they will conduct joint tests. The company does not rule out that a bundle of Booster 4 and Ship 20 can make a joint flight, which will require permission from the US Federal Aviation Administration.

In August, the company assembled a Booster 4 with 29 Raptor engines. “This is a massive rocket with a height of about 70 meters and a diameter of 9 meters. Its thrust is about twice as much as that of the Saturn V rocket, which launched NASA astronauts to the Moon, “ the publication writes.

In July, SpaceX announced that it had built the hundredth Raptor engine.

In February 2019, the head of SpaceX, Elon Musk, showed the results of testing the Raptor engine, saying that this power unit surpassed the Russian RD-180 rocket engine in terms of pressure in the combustion chamber.

In March 2018, Musk announced that the Raptor will receive the largest thrust-to-weight ratio (the ratio of the thrust developed by the engine to its weight) among all the engines that have ever operated in the world.

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