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EU may exclude the US from the list of countries from which it is allowed to enter

Next week, the European Union will revise the list of states from which non-essential travel is allowed, and may also reconsider the presence of the United States on the so-called “white list”.

It is reported by Reuters.

Currently, the EU's “white list” includes two dozen countries, including the United States, Japan, and Australia, that are considered safe in terms of health in the face of the ongoing pandemic.

Next week's meeting could also assess the situation in the United States, said one EU official. However, the decision on this has not yet been made.

EU officials regularly review the list as the pandemic develops.

The bloc has repeatedly asked Washington to start letting EU citizens in after Brussels whitelisted the United States in June.

“Many representatives of the EU member states and the EU itself spoke with our American colleagues about plans to open the country to visitors from the EU countries, in particular, after the step of Europe, allowed US citizens to travel,” said the representative of the Slovenian EU Presidency.

“We all believe that people-to-people contacts are the foundation of a lasting, successful transatlantic partnership and alliance, so we constantly remind, ask and urge our US friends to follow suit,” he added.

The list is optional, although EU governments generally apply it. However, they can ignore this and admit citizens from countries that are not on the list, or vice versa.

The bloc of 27 countries is divided into states requiring reciprocity from the US and others more dependent on tourism and not ready to remove Washington from the list, officials said.

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