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Scientists have reported a mutation of the coronavirus

Scientists have reported a mutation of the coronavirus

The coronavirus has two subtypes...

The coronavirus has developed into two subtypes — type S and type L, scientists say. One of them is more infectious than the other, and it's more common.

Researchers in China have found two subtypes of coronavirus of a new type, one of which is more infectious than the other. The Beijing gi bao newspaper reports this, citing the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The researchers have studied 103 samples of coronavirus new type and found that recently it has already 149 mutations. The virus also developed into two subtypes — type S and type L. These subtypes scientists found in 101 samples, 30% of which belong to the S-type, 70% — to the L-type. Specialists note that the second is more contagious than the first.

The S-type coronavirus is more consistent with the virus found in bats. Scientists have come to the conclusion that this type is an “older” version of coronavirus.

Type L was common in Wuhan at an early stage of the coronavirus outbreak, but it became much rarer after the first week of January.

Also, the State Committee on Hygiene and Public Health of the People's Republic of China published the results of the autopsy of the bodies of patients who died from coronavirus-induced pneumonia. The publication speaks about how the disease changes lung tissues, and experts note that the size of the spleen is decreasing, as well as degraded heart muscle cells. Scientists also note that they found traces of coronavirus in the products of the human excretion system. This means that they can be a source of airborne infection.

This means that the pathogen for viral pneumonia can be transmitted through conversation, coughing and sneezing. A healthy person can also become infected with coronavirus if the respiratory system receives suspended dust particles in which the causative agent is found.

Earlier it was reported that in China, a newborn recovered from coronavirus without drugs.

Recall, according to recent data, coronavirus has spread to 72 countries around the world, outside China, there are more than ten thousand infected.

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