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Japan hid cases of lambda strain infection three days before the Olympics

Three days before the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the Japanese National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID) reported that the strain “lambda” was first detected in the country, but the information did not reach wide publicity. This is reported by The Daily Beast.

The publication claims that a report on this was sent to the International Database on COVID-19 and Other Viruses (GISAID).

The publication, citing a source in the NIID, claims that the strain was detected during a check at one of the airports in Japan. He added that the country's government plans to announce this, but only after the Olympic Games are over.

According to preliminary data from South American and Japanese scientists, the variant of the lambda coronavirus may have increased resistance to vaccines.

Earlier, Japanese scientists reported that the lambda strain is able to bypass the immune system. The strain also has increased contagiousness and is now widespread in more than 30 countries around the world, mainly in South America. To neutralize this coronavirus mutation, one and a half times more antibodies are required.

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