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More than 300 cats have died of an unknown disease in the UK

In the UK, 330 cats died of an unknown virus. This is reported by Sky News with reference to the Royal Veterinary College.

The exact cause of the death of pets is being investigated. According to experts, the deaths could be related to the recalled Fold Hill Foods brand cat food. At the same time, the exact number of sick cats is currently unknown.

Pancytopenia (reduction of the number of red and white blood cells, as well as platelets in the peripheral blood flow below the level) could be one of the causes of death. This disease causes serious complications, leading to a fatal outcome.

According to the information of veterinarians, among the animals admitted to institutions (hospitals and clinics), the mortality rate was 63.5%.

The actual number of cases is probably higher. The owners were warned that many cats who were infected were not previously on a medical examination.

Residents of the UK were asked not to give their pets dry food of the specified brand.

In June, Fold Hill Foods recalled some batches of hypoallergenic cat food. It is possible that some batches of dry feed have mycotoxins growing on agricultural crops before or after harvest.

Earlier in the Australian city, domestic cats were banned from going outside.

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