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Bill Clinton American Crime Story Teaser Released

The film is dedicated to the sex scandal with the participation of American President Bill Clinton. The film adaptation is scheduled for September 7 this year.

A teaser for the new season of American Crime Story has appeared on the Web. The film is dedicated to the impeachment of US President Bill Clinton in 1998 due to a sex scandal. The video was published on the KinoTrailer YouTube channel.

The film is based on the plot of Jeffrey Tubin's book The Big Conspiracy: The True Story of a Sex Scandal That Nearly Destroyed the President.

According to the plot, it will focus on a sex scandal that occurred between intern Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, which led to the impeachment of the 42nd US President.

Bill Clinton will be played by Clive Owen from Sin City. Former US First Lady Hillary Clinton will be played by Edie Falco of The Sopranos, and Monica Lewinsky will be played by Bini Feldstein from Lady Bird.

Note, American Crime Story is an American crime anthology series based on real events. Its creators are Scott Alexander and Larry Karesuski.

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