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In India, a military helicopter crashed while flying over a dam

In India, the Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Dhruv crashed. This is reported by the Xinhua edition.

As it became known, the incident took place yesterday, August 3, in the Indian state of Punjab, on the border with Pakistan. A military helicopter crashed into the lake as it flew over the dam. There were two pilots on board the rotorcraft.

An Indian Air Force helicopter reportedly took off from Pathankot and was on a scheduled flight.

At the moment, it is not known what could have caused the disaster. Law enforcement officers and doctors arrived at the crash site. All circumstances of the incident are established.

We will remind you earlier we reported that not far from the settlement called Amarillo, in Iraq, an MI-17 helicopter with the military on board crashed. The Iraqi Air Force aircraft reportedly crashed during a military operation. As a result of the incident, five people died. At the moment, all the circumstances of the incident are being established.

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