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FBI reveals details of Pentagon shooting incident

The man who attacked the Pentagon security officer the day before was armed with a knife. In a message from the FBI Washington office on Twitter, it is noted that on the eve of the morning, a 27-year-old resident of Georgia, as soon as he got out of a bus that came to the building of the US Department of Defense, attacked an officer.

“A fight ensued in which the subject fatally wounded Officer George Gonzalez,” the FBI reported. It is noted that the attacker snatched a pistol from the officer during the struggle. The offender also died.

At the same time, a passer-by was also injured during the incident, he was taken to the hospital and then released, since the injury did not pose a threat to life.

“The investigation into the incident continues,” the FBI said. On the eve of the Pentagon Security Service (PFPA) reported that the building of the department was blocked due to an incident with a shooting nearby.

The Politico edition reported that the attacker was eliminated by the police, the Pentagon did not confirm this. At the same time, the department considered it premature to consider the incident a terrorist attack. On the same day, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin gave the order to lower the flags on the building of the Ministry of Defense in honor of the death of the officer.

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