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In the Congo, 11 people drowned in a lake when a boat capsized

62 people were able to get ashore. At the same time, the exact number of people who were on the boat is not established.

In the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, at least 11 people, including seven children, drowned after their boat capsized in the waters of Lake Tanganyika. About it in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This was reported on Monday, August 2, by the Okapi radio station, citing local authorities.

“The boat capsized on the night of August 1, the bodies of four women and seven children were found,” Kashindi Bovary, assistant head of the observation post in the city of Mboko, informed. “62 people were able to get ashore.”

He noted that the exact number of people who were in the boat that hit the rocks has not been established. Similar wrecks often occur on Tanganyika. In early June, 19 people were killed in the Congolese sector of the lake. Their boat sank due to strong winds.

Tanganyika is the longest freshwater lake in the world with heavy traffic. This is due to the fact that the highway passing along its shore is in an emergency condition and traffic on it is blocked in a number of sections. The lake stretches 676 kilometers in length and is more than 70 kilometers wide.

Earlier, a shipwreck occurred off the coast of Tunisia, in which 41 migrants, including one child, were killed. Only three people were saved.

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