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In the US a scandal broke out because of the closure of the kiosk of a seven-year-old girl

Residents of the American city were angry that the local authorities closed the kiosk of seven-year-old Elsa LaMaine, while a homeless camp was spontaneously formed in the park. This is reported by Fox News.

The girl opened a kiosk in Rucker Hill Park in Washington State, where she sold drinks and flowers with her grandmother Charlie LaMaine. Last week, the park keeper warned that the lemonade tent would have to be closed because it is impossible to sell on the territory of state property.

The decision angered citizens who believe that the park administration should have paid attention to more serious problems. In particular, local residents claim that the authorities have been ignoring complaints about homeless people living in the park and threatening passers-by for a very long time. At the same time, Elsa's kiosk was closed in a couple of days.

As the TV channel drew attention, the problem with homeless people in the park is so obvious that even during an interview with Grandma LaMaine, a naked man came out of the bushes into the frame.

The city authorities have not yet responded to the protests of residents, the publication has not been able to get an operational comment from the press secretary of the administration.

The girl has been selling drinks since she was four years old. She donates part of the proceeds to the non-profit organization Everett Gospel Mission, which provides assistance to the homeless.

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